Stewart proceeded to say how baffled he was by how 2017 chrome hearts has signed 20 executive actions in 10 days. 


He then said Trump would keep going and he happened to have copies of the next three orders. 


Speaking as Trump, Stewart said he was making an executive order 'to secure our borders, China shall immediately and without hesitation send us their wall.'


The audience roared with laughter then Stewart explained when the wall is delivered America will 'pretend we're not home' so Mexico will have to sign for it. 


The next executive order was to give America the official language of 'bulls***' not English. A stressed seeming Jon Stewart graced late night television by making an appearance on the Late Show. 


When warning about the dangers of Donald Trump's presidency, Stewart invoked the evil Star Wars emperor saying: 'It's going to take...every institutional check and balance this great country can muster to keep [Trump] from going full Palpatine.'


Stewart walked on stage dressed in a comically long tie with a dead Signature Crosses 925 Silver Rings Shop Online Site By Chrome Hearts wrapped around his head.



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The final executive order wasn't as much of an order as it was a declaration. Stewart said Trump musty be very tired from signing so many actions.


On a darker note, Stewart delved into how: 'It is going to take every check and balance to keep me from going full Palpatine.'


He continued by looking into the camera and said he has never seen a 'purposeful, vindictive chaos' like he has seen before. 


Stewart and Trump have a history of arguing - they Chrome Hearts Vests clashed on Twitter in 2013 after Trump appeared to have a dig about Stewart not using his birth name, tweeting: 'I promise you that I'm much smarter than Jonathan Leibowitz - I mean Jon Stewart. Who, by the way, is totally overrated.'